Easily sync your post with your Facebook timeline

You can sync posts on this website with your Facebook timeline through any one of the 2 methods below.
  • Method A (recommend) - First, post on this website. Then, share links to your Facebook timeline with the button for Facebook on this website.

    1. Enter the webpage for that message. Please read “Post your messages” to find out about how to post.
    2. Click the button to the right of the message title to post the message to your Facebook timeline by sharing a link.
  • Method B - When you post on your Facebook first and then post on this website, you can choose from your recent posts on your fan page.

    1. First, complete your post on your Facebook fan page.
    2. If you don’t have an account, you must register first or click Login with facebook to finish logging in.
    3. If you haven’t set the page ID for your Facebook fans page, please set it first. How to find your Facebook Page ID?
    4. Click the “Post for FREE” button on the top of any page on this website to enter the posting interface.
    5. Underneath the post textbox for the posting interface, click on Choose from among recent posts from my Facebook fan page....
    6. A pop-up for Facebook has appeared to allow you to decide whether or not to give permission. (This function only requires the lowest level of permission of those required by Facebook.)
    7. After you give permission, the posting interface will have a section where about 100 of your most recent posts on your fan page will load.
    8. Among these, select a post that you want to sync to this website and click “copy” above the post. The content of your post will then be automatically copied to your post textbox.
    9. If you are willing to, make some edits that change the content of this post.
    10. In the posting interface, select the categories and regions for your message, and fill in a title.
    11. We recommend that you add some information to this message, because there is probably some information the post on Facebook lacks.
      For example: The URL of the information page will automatically be changed to the web address of the individual page for the Facebook posts. You can also modify it.
    12. Click on at the bottom of the interface to complete the post.
    13. This method can also be used while using the “edit message” interface.
    14. You can remove your permissions on the app settings page for your Facebook.
    15. This method is only available for Facebook fan pages at this time.