How to use

  • Post your messages

    1. Click the “Post for FREE” button on the top of any page on this website to enter the posting interface. (You must now finish logging in. If you don’t have an account for this website, you must first register or click Login with facebook.)
    2. In the posting interface, select the categories and regions for your message, and fill in a title.
    3. Enter your information.
    4. Press the button at the bottom of the interface to complete the post.
    5. Next, you will complete the posting process for this website.
    6. You can delete or edit the messages you’ve posted at any time.
    7. You can use an easy method to sync a message on this website to your Facebook timeline when you post. Please read “Easily sync posts to your Facebook timeline”.
    8. Posting messages are free.
  • Browse messages

    1. You can filter the messages you are searching for by categories and regions.
    2. Please make good use of the search function. You can enter any keywords to find items or regions you currently want to see faster.
    3. You can add some messages to your favorites to make them convenient to view in the future.
    4. You need to log in to add to your favorites. If you don’t have an account for this site, you have to register first. You can also choose Login with facebook
  • Membership

    1. It is necessary to have member privileges before using some functions.
    2. If you use Facebook to log in, the functions you are able to use are the same as if you had registered for an account. The only thing is if you are unable to continue using your Facebook account in the future, it would naturally not be possible to log in to this website using your Facebook account.
    3. Members who use Facebook to log in can click “Member settings” at the top of the page at any time to upgrade to a standard member account.